Into Abyss

Explore the new depths and experience free fall in atmospheric indie action game

Into Abyss Into Abyss

About Into Abyss

Casual indie game created with passion by solo developer, enjoy your little journey into abyss!

Game plot:
Fall to explore the new depths of the abyss. Jump down through floating islands and swiftly plan your next step before one of your energy bars wears off. Lightweight and immersive game play will allow you to experience free fall with a little bit of challenge. Who knows what uncharted depths hold...


Users sharing their experience

Lovely artstyle, from the first sight looked like a simple endless platformer. But it can became quite challenging if you will manage to survive long enough :)

Reviews Simon

Came here from Reddit. The game is quite good, and with some funding, it can improve the gameplay and reach new depths.

Reviews Tarun Tej Reddy
Tarun Tej Reddy

I like the concept and the realization about 90%. So theres room for improvement. But generally love it.

Reviews Premtim Farizi
Premtim Farizi